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This Week on the
Lenten Trail

With only one more Lenten walk on the schedule, I just have to say how much I enjoy this practice each year. It started as a way for me to meet people during the pandemic, and we have continued walking our way through Lent each year since. It’s one hour of great conversation, good company, and of course, time spent in the great outdoors. The Red Deer trails are amazing any time of the year.

These walks have been particularly relevant this year with our Lenten theme focusing on the earth. Our first steps toward caring for this planet in crisis begin with renewing our relationship with the natural world. That means spending time outside, walking through a forest, observing the play of light and shadow through the trees, listening to the birds calling to each other, inhaling the fresh air with a scent of pine. As we reconnect with the natural world, we fall in love with creation all over again.When we fall in love with something, we want to care for it and protect it. Each step we take from there really matters to the wellbeing of all things.

I hope you take some time outside this week to reconnect along your own Lenten trail, whatever that might be for you. Even if it’s just a simple walk around the block, or a pause in the sunshine, it will make a world of difference in your day, and who knows, you may just fall in love all over again .. .and again . . .and again . . .

Peace and joy,